About Me

My name is Min Renee but I go by minwren online. I am happily married, have one daughter, and live in North Carolina. I enjoy reading, photography, singing and anything techy! I would buy all the gadgets if I had the funds! I hope to one day be a professional photographer….if not full time, then at least on the side! I also dream of being a Librarian but that would require more college…which is more money…so…*sigh*.

My favorite things to photograph are nature scenes, animals (especially my pets), and capturing people when they aren’t paying attention. šŸ™‚

I am a beginner at photography and am excited to learn all I can about it! This site is just a place for me to show some of my favorite photos I’ve captured and share my resources with you. I hope you enjoy your visit at my little home on the web!