Hello and welcome to my little spot on the internet. My name is Mindy and I’m happy you are visiting.

I have always been interested in photography but I have finally decided to get serious about it! This site will mainly be used to show the photos that I like the best. I also post a lot of photos on my instagram and facebook.

You will notice that a lot of my photos are of the same group of guys. That is the band, Wiregrass, and my husband is the mandolin player. They provide good opportunities for me to practice while hanging out at their shows. Make sure you visit their website or facebook page and say hello!

Enjoy your time here and feel free to leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

PLEASE NOTE: I have recently switched the name and address of this website. Please make sure you have the current one bookmarked – http://minwren.com – THANK YOU!